About us

PBC would like to recommend you our polish standard vodka brand which represents excellent value for money.

Vodka to Taste and Enjoy by every adult in the World.

Tradition of Poland as the kingdom of all vodkas gives the privilege to set down the standards for vodka brands.

The Polish Standard represents all that.

Hundreds of years of traditional recipes.  Superior quality of ingredients used for the distillation procedures from spiritus, pure grains to crystal mineral waters.

In addition the unique character of polish standard vodka, purity, strength and smooth exquisite appearance.


What we say:

Whisky for Great Britain

Cognacs, Champagnes for France

Bourbon for United States

Sake for Japan

Ouzo for Greece

Grappa for Italy

That’s without any question


However about the Vodka we say :

Vodka only from Poland

Our heritage national drink

The jewel in the crown


Taste and Enjoy