Traditional cold meats

Meat production plant PMB is a leading manufacturer in Poland and as well exporter to many EU countries plus other global markets.

Its recognise internationally  with  awards for top quality of all products with leading Kindziuk, dry sausage with National Heritage taste.

World famous Kabanos and series  of classic and premium products can satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs of fine food.

Lukullus specializes in products manufactured out of pork and poultry. Thanks to the konwledge and the experience of our food technology professionals we perpetually innovate recipes. Technologically advanced procuction process, based on acquired fresh meat, fulfills rigid requirements of the EU. At the same time the vivinity of the Kampinos Forest National Nature Reserve compels us to take environmental precautions during the production process.

We would like to proudly present the selection of  "Zakłady Mięsne NOWAK" Meat Company from Poland base on ecological, microclimate of Baltic Sea and agriculture fields.  We can write more and more about the Delicious products from Poland , however We think that the best way to make you own judgment is to try them !!! 

  • Poledwica Sopocka (smoked loin)
  • Krakowska Sucha (excellent dry pork sausage),
  • Wedzonka Extra (high quality smoked ,raw ham),
  • Kabanosy (Noble, thin, dry pork sausage with gentle flavor of caraway),
  • Mysliwska Sucha (Smoked “Forest Hunter“ style sausage),
  • and many many others